Friday, May 26, 2006

The Ultimate Gift for My Unborn Child

I don't have a baby, but as soon as I find out that I am going to have one, I will buy this for the child.

Last night, the husband and I were walking in the mall and spotted a little boy wearing one of these. Despite the fact that he was on a leash, he loved it!

I am totally getting one.

If only they made it adult sizes, I would get one for the husband too.


Gary said...

I think you should get one for hubby. But remember to teach him not to jerk on it. :)

Anonymous said...

Let me clue you in on something - both your husband and your nephew already donned this piece of equipment! We used to use them to keep them in their strollers (which by the way weighed about 40 lbs. and didn't fold in half too easily). Ask the Ma to look for some old photos!!!!

acb said...

Dude, don't get it on ebay. I just saw it at tar-zhay (that's target, folks), for $9.99.

Anonymous said...

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