Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Monster

So, they are opening a new Wal-Mart store a few blocks from my house. Everyday, on my way to the NJ Turnpike, I pass the property where it's going to be housed. I can't believed that the building went up so quickly! I mean, it literally feels like it went up overnight.

Everyday, I look at the building and I wonder - Why couldn't it have been a Target? I don't have anything against Wal-Mart, but I do love Target so much more. Or, maybe they could have built a mall, complete with Macy's, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

One thing I am looking forward to is the convenience of having the store so close, so in a pinch, I can run over there and buy pantyhose, Hawaiian Punch, or deodorant.

The pros of this Wal-Mart:
  • It's near the highway, so I won't hear any of the traffic from my house
  • 3% sales tax in the neighborhood
  • They sell Goya products
  • I can send the husband over to buy things I "forgot" to buy when I was out

The cons of this Wal-Mart:

  • The traffic between the turnpike and my house will increase, thanks to people wanting to "get a good deal at the new Wal-Mart!"
  • It's not in the town I live in, which doesn't help with property tax relief
  • It's not a mall
  • It's not a Target

Have I mentioned that I would have loved it if they had built a mall or a Target?

The store is supposed to open Memorial Day weekend. Maybe I'll drive over and buy some food for my plants.

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