Friday, May 19, 2006

And I Sobbed

I'm officially an old lady. Or, at least, I have old lady tendencies.

Yesterday, I attended a college graduation for work. As soon as I saw the hundreds of students in their caps and gowns, I got misty eyed. Then they started their processional. Pomp and Circumstance. I lost my marbles. And I sobbed. And sobbed. The guy sitting next to me thought I had a child graduating. I just explained that graduations make me cry.

And cry.

And cry.

What a wuss.

Tomorrow, the husband and I are driving to Rhode Island to see my cousin graduate from culinary school. My husband had better bring a hankerchief for me, just in case they play Pomp and Circumstance.

Did I mention I've turned into an old lady?

1 comment:

Jacky said...

Welcome to the club!!!
When you start crying over tv commercials and chick flicks, we'll give you a cane!!! Jacky