Friday, May 05, 2006

First Day Off

So, I got to sleep in today - it's past nine and I'm not even dressed. Yipee!!! The hubby and I have to attend a wedding this afternoon in Queens and the reception in Long Island. I don't even know how to get to Long Island! But anyway, we'll be there with bells on. cause how often do you get to party for six hours on wedding food and an open bar? Sign me up, please!

Anyway... before I piece myself together to run out and have my bushy eyebrows threaded, I wanted to post a crazy outfit that was sent to me yesterday. This isn't my usual "source", but the description is so wonderful, it would be a shame not to publish.

Read on for crazy bad dresser ex-coworkers outfit:

I know you haven't gotten an updated about crazy bad dresser ex-coworker's wardrobe but this one is a winner. She looks like an Easter Day Parade. She has on pink pants, which are 2 sizes too small, a pink shirt, tucked into the tiiiiiight pants, a pastel blue blazer, this is to match the pastel blue shoes and of course the outfit wouldn't be complete without her blue scrunchy. To top it all off, She is very proud of this outfit beacuse she got in Marshalls for $12, and the pants were only $3! So exciting! God Bless! Did I forget to mention, polyseter. Oh yeah, this is a classic look. She bent down and I swear I was about to know her biblically.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Gary said...

If you want to get to long Island, jus take the ferry. But first make sure the captain isn't drunk.