Friday, February 16, 2007

This Friday, I Got a Fever... and the only prescription is more cowbell

This week has been busy and full of stress. And that's only because of the weather. I shouldn't complain, as I know that other areas had far worse weather than we had in Jersey, but still, this was my reality for a week, and it seems like it will continue into the weekend.

Currently, my car is parked over a sheet of ice. It's not that we were lazy and didn't shovel it, it's that it was shoveled, then it rained ice over it and it's so compacted and frozen that it won't budge. Luckily, the car is a 4x4, so there is no sliding when I park it. The roads are relatively clean, but the rements of this snow/ice storm have started to look drappy. Very dirty and grey. And even though NJ isn't the most beautiful state, it now looks dreary and deathly.

Valentine's Day was good. I'm not really a Valentine's Day kind of gal - I prefer something simple to a huge bouquet of red roses delivered to my office. I think it stems from years of terrible Valentine's Day that were full of expectations and letdowns (I could go into the many stories, but I'm trying to be upbeat here - although... one year I made shrimp parmesan for a 'friend' - I slaved over it, cooked it perfectly, and then the 'friend' asked if we could go to the all you can eat buffet. ALL. YOU. CAN. EAT. BUFFET. I've never made shrimp parmesan since...).

Anyway, back to the upbeatness... VDay was good. No complaints. Just love. Cheesey love. That's me - a cheese whiz.

The weekend doesn't hold any exciting plans for me. Maybe a visit to the in-laws, some housecleaning, some shopping. Nothing strenuous or taxing.

Maybe I'll sleep in tomorrow. And Sunday too. *That* would be the life for me (See? The little things make me happy. The little things, people!).

And next week, I'll be looking forward to going to sunny Miami for a long weekend. Ahhh, sunshine....

For now, I leave you with this piece of funniness that never fails to crack me up...


Freckle Face Girl said...

I'm glad you'll be escaping Old Man Winter next weekend. I hope our weather cooperates & you have a fabulous weekend.

TGIF to you & have a great Weekend!

Gary said...

If there were ice on the streets everywher here in Houston, I think I would be sleeping in too.

acb said...

I like the new layout! And LOL @ Shrimp Parm. I want that recipe.