Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bad Use for Kitty Litter

The annoyances (is that a word?) of winter are quickly grating my nerves.

It snowed earlier this week. Not much, just a few inches accumulated. But it's been cold, so the snow isn't really melting. Worse, in the areas where it did melt, sheets of slippery ice have developed, making it dangerous to walk near.

Since I am somewhat of a klutz (even wearing boots with grips on the soles), I am even more paranoid at the sheet of ice that has developed right at my door, as well as in the area where I park my car.

I mentioned this to Mike, and he ran out to buy kitty litter. We had read somewhere (I wish I could find that article now.) that kitty litter was wonderful because it was safe for the environment and created a nice barrier over the ice, avoiding slips for the oh-so-graceful like myself. Mike came home with the kitty litter, sprinkled it all over the concrete outside our door, along the patch of grass that runs from our house to our driveway, and on the driveway itself.

Fast forward a few days later (and pardon my French): kitty litter sucks.

It is all over the house. All over our shoes. All over the interior of our cars. And. it. won't. come. off.

Last night, we trekked out to Wal-Mart to buy salt. Now, we have salt sprinkled over kitty litter, sprinkled over ice. It's a royal mess. And I am going nuts.

As if I wasn't crazy enough already.

Oh yeah, and it's one of my best bud's bday today - my fellow white girl Cubanita. Happy Birthday, Lisa!


Freckle Face Girl said...

I guess it is a good thing I have never heard of the kitty litter thing. Of course, I have no need for melting ice today (80+ degrees & EXTEMELY humid). I'm envious & yes I'm a huge klutz on ice too.

Shannon said...

We use sand and it's like coming home from the beach everytime we go out...sand EVERYwhere.

acb said...

I love how you created a separate category for "kitty litter." I wonder just how many posts you're going to have that reference kitty litter. Good deal.

And happy bday Lisa!