Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tagged Again

I've been tagged by the lovely Freckle Face Girl. I was hoping I wouldn't get tagged with this particular one, but I can't deny FFG. Here goes:

Six Weird Things About Me

  1. I normally wake up in a good mood. By this, I mean that I am able to wake up and strike up a conversation. I rarely require coffee/caffeine to get me going. Anyone I have ever lived or vacationed with find this trait extremely annoying. I think my co-workers hate it too, since I am able to walk in to the office and immediately start chatting about anything and everything.
  2. I am a first class organizer. Just look at my post from yesterday. If the bed isn't made every morning, I cannot function at work. I just keep thinking about how awful the room looks with multiple sheets all tangled up. If Mike leaves after me, I practically have to bed him to make the bed. If it doesn't get made, I will come home and regardless of the time, make the bed. I arrange all my shirts on hangers and they all must face the same direction. I like to clean the fridge out every few days and rearrange the items.
  3. When watching television or listening to the radio, the slightest melodramatic music or voice will scare me. For as long as I can remember, I have not been able to watch Unsolved Mysteries. The host's voice really freaks me out. And I don't like the element of surprise in mysteries. Ironically, I love shows like Lost, Law and Order - SVU and CI, and Criminal Minds.
  4. I tape the Rachael Ray show every single day even though I am completely irritated by her. There is something about watching the show (sometimes on fast forward) and making fun of her butt and her terrible interviewing skills that brings joy to my day.
  5. I love shopping on online. I used to be skeptical about eBay, but now, I am a huge fan. I buy all kinds of things online: books, music, movies, soap, shampoo and conditioner, cotton balls. With the exception of clothes and shoes, I have probably bought it online.
  6. I am a coupon clipper. I love the thrill of using coupons every week at the grocery store and saving over $10. My obsession with coupons is so extreme, I have joined a coupon train group.

How's that for weird? There are many more weird things about me, but I thought these things revealed a lot about me and everyday personality.

I am tagging my bff on this one. She's even weirder than I am.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Sorry, just catching up. At least you are weird in an interesting way. I wish I was a first class organizer. I've lost any skill I had once Lexi was born.