Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Babies Everywhere

The other night, I was watching a special on Discovery Health about a woman who was getting a tummy tuck because she had given birth to SIX babies. Prior to having the SIX, she had given birth to a set of twins.


They actually showed video of her when she was pregnant - her belly extended three or four feet easily. It was amazing. They showed video of all the children - all eight of them - and it was incredible to see how loved they were by their parents.

In the world we live today, where parents leave their children in dumpsters and abuse them, it is refreshing and motivating to see a story like this one. Check out their website here. In addition to telling their story, there are the most adorable pictures of all the kids.

I think I want to have a baby. Maybe two. But I don't know about six.

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Freckle Face Girl said...

She definitely deserves a tummy tuck. I always thought I'd like twins, but 1 huge squirmy baby in the belly is MORE than enough. :)