Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Moving Legs and Arms

At today's doctor's visit, FeeNo was a ball of energy. During my entire ultrasound, FeeNo kept moving around, punching his arms and kicking his legs.

In the end, we were able to come to these conclusions: the child is very healthy and active at 34 weeks. And, apparently, experiencing a growth spurt. Today's weight: 4 pounds, 12 ounces. Up from last week's 4 pounds, 2 ounces.

A nice healthy jump that isn't a reflection of my diabetic woes.

I also had a growth spurt: a weight gain of 2 pounds, most of which is baby. Obviously.

I am feeling pretty good, if a bit tired from time to time. I've spent most of this week "nesting" starting with the cleaning of my kitchen cabinets and ending with the cleaning out of dresser drawers. The doctor says this is all perfectly normal, that I'm just getting ready for FeeNo's arrival.

Now, every week, the doctor and I go through pretty much the same things: how I feel, my blood pressure, the baby, my blood sugars. I keep a log of my blood sugars, writing down as many as 10 blood sugar readings in a single day. Then, the doctor and I go through the numbers and figure out if I should make any changes in my food and/or insulin intake during the day. Most of the time, it's been pretty easy to manage because my control has been pretty good.

Today, however, was different. After reading my fasting blood glucose levels, the doctors says to me "I see you were 102 the other day. And 105 the day before that. That's high." Now, for any diabetic out there, those numbers are actually within range. They are pretty much perfect numbers. But for pregnant diabetics, doctors like to see fasting numbers below 95. The doctor expressed concern over increasing my insulin intake overnight, as it might make me too low (which is worse than a high at this point). So he said we should reevaluate the numbers next week and see what's going on.

I have read on other diabetic pregnancy blogs something similar. And the reactions have always been the same: WHAT? HOW CAN 102 BE HIGH? I AIM FOR THIS NUMBER ALL THE TIME! But I guess the rules change when you are pregnant.

That being said, if my fasting numbers don't decrease, I may need to have a c-section afterall. I appreciate the doctor being so cautious with me. But man, now I have c-sections on the brain again.

I shouldn't complain, though. This kid is healthy, active, and growing. I shouldn't be concerned about having to have a cut on my belly, right? I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks about that.


Anonymous said...

What is the connection between the fasting numbers and the c-section?

Freckle Face Girl said...

I haven't had a c-section, but I have heard good & bad things about them. They are actually quite popular in Miami for some reason. When Lexi was born, 5 other babies were delivered & they were all by c-section. I figure that there will be pain & recovery issues either way, so listen to what the doctor says. Mainly, I like the idea of natural birth just to get out of the hospital quicker. :) Good luck... you're getting close!