Friday, July 13, 2007

Nearly Two Hours on Hold

As many have read from my blog over the last few years, I have developed a very strange crush on Tom Jones. Mike reintroduced him to me after having listened to his records with my parents as a child. At first I thought is was a little silly (sorry!), but I really do love the sound of that man's voice.

I've been very fortunate to see him live various times, including front row in Las Vegas with my two awesome friends (including acb, who was carrying Little Owen in her belly but didn't know it yet) humoring me and joining me at the show. Yes, I screamed with delight when I saw him. Yes, I threw a pair of panties.

(No, I wasn't married yet, but engaged - very engaged. Luckily, Mike wasn't enraged. I think he was shocked that I would do such a thing, but hey, it was TOM JONES! I had to do it. Anyway, I digress...)

Mike and I went to see him in Atlantic City about two years ago. Unfortunately, when he peforms there, seats are not assigned and you get seated where ever the maitre'd puts you, depending on how much you grease his palm. Since we are poor folks, we sat way in the back.

And even thought Sir Tom is awesome, we vowed never to go back to see him in Atlantic City. Unless, of course, we got free tickets.

Yesterday, we got a postcard in the mail inviting us to stay at a casino on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. It's the casino we visit when we go down there, but we are not - in any way, shape, or form - whales. Seriously, we play penny slots and consider it a big victory when we are up $5.

But anyway... we received the free night for all of August and in the tiniest print you can ever imagine, it said: Come join us to see the Legendary Tom Jones. Two tickets complimentary.


I got on the phone immediately. Toll free number. On hold. On hold. Nearly two hours. And then - Mike went to plug in something where the cordless phone is plugged in and DISCONNECTED THE PHONE.

For a second, I wasn't sure what happened. Then it hit me. And when I told Mike we were disconnected, I thought his head was going to explode.

I got back on the phone. Busy. Busy. Busy.

And then Mike had the great idea of calling the hotel directly and telling them that we got disconnected. I thought it was a longshot, but it worked. He was put through almost immediately and we reserved our tickets.


FeeNo is going to get his first taste of Tom Jones in about three weeks. I can't wait until Tom sings Sexbomb. Hopefully, FeeNo will start doing the usual somersaults in my belly.


acb said...

i stillthink it's wild that you're feeling feeno kick!!!
bring a couple of hamiltons to give the dude. you know it's all about the hamiltons !!!

class-factotum said...

I am so with you on Tom Jones! I wrote an homage to him myself a few months ago:

Then I had to interject myself into a stranger's conversation to defend Tom:

Freckle Face Girl said...

Getting something you love for free??? What could be better than that?