Monday, July 09, 2007

FeeNo Likes Jack Bauer

Mike and I must be the only people in North America that have never tuned into 24. Not one episode, people.

So, a few weeks ago, I added every single season of 24 to the Netflix account. We are halfway through the first season and nevermind the fact that Mike and I are hooked, so is FeeNo.

Saturday night, we sat down to watch the next installment of episodes (four of them, to be exact). I was completely relaxed, watching intently and I felt it: thump thump thump. Right on my belly.

I called Mike over to feel FeeNo's movements. But when he paused the video, FeeNo stopped moving.

Mike went back to his seat, put the video back on and all of a sudden: thump thump thump.

I called him over again. Mike paused the video and FeeNo stopped again.

Then it hit me: the kid is motivated by Jack Bauer.

We tried it again. This time with the volume on.

And Mike got his first feel of FeeNo hanging out in my belly, clearly amazed by the complicated plot of 24.

I am having the coolest kid in the world!


Freckle Face Girl said...

That is funny!

Courtney Lynn said...

It's like you can GROW Jack Bauers! Too cool...I am in awe of your family.

Tanya Scott said...

It must be a girl, she loves that raspy Keifer voice!

I told you it was a good show, emphasis on was. It sucks now but seasons 1 & 2 are good TV.

acb said...

Glad to know kid has good taste in TV. :)

And Tanya, it's definitely gotten too "mushy." I still have yet to see the last three hours of this season, but I bet Jack's gonna be riding/driving a black SUV at some point. And scream, "WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!"

I'm totally going to come up with a 24 drinking game if there isn't one already.

Marta said...

I thought I was the only person on the planet who had not seen "24" (no tv). But it will have to wait. My Netflix queue is backed up with 2 seasons of HOUSE (which I'm totally hooked on, but I don't think I'd recommend to a pregnant person) so Jack Bauer might have to wait til next month. =D