Friday, July 27, 2007


It's official.

I have been put on limited activity until FeeNo arrives. I will be home for my entire third trimester growing this baby and making sure that everything stays on target.

First, the serious stuff: I have been experiencing some migraines and the doctor feels they may be indicative of preeclampsia, which has no cure except the delivery of the baby. The doc feels that I would be better at home, resting up. I am not on complete bedrest (luckily!) so I can still go up and down the stairs, go for walks, swim, etc.

Second, the details of my last visit: the baby looks good - very good. FeeNo gained half a pound over the last two weeks and is now 1 pound 10 ounces. I am 26 weeks along (plus two days), with less than 14 to go. However, the doctor thinks the baby may come a few weeks early, due to the changes in my body and the way I am reacting to the pregnancy as I enter the last trimester. I have gained another 5 pounds, for a total of 13.

Third, the fun stuff: during this ultrasound, FeeNo must have sensed how serious everyone was, so he decided to cooperate and pose for a picture. I will upload it in the next few days, but basically the child was sucking on a thumb and chilling out. The baby continues to kick and punch me, and has developed what I think are hiccups from time to time. Mike and I continue to watch episodes of 24 (we are now on season 2), which results in many kicks to my belly. We continue to read in both English and Spanish. And lately, Mike has taken to imitating radio reporter John Sterling and making calls on the Yankees.

FeeNo's favorite call: El como dulce, sweet as candy! Bobby Abreu singles to the right!

I'm not sure if FeeNo's response is from the baseball itself or Mike's comical way of imitating Sterling.

Either way, it brings smiles to both our faces and just makes us want to meet FeeNo that much sooner.

How can it be that someone I don't even know yet has taken over my entire heart?


Freckle Face Girl said...

I will be crossing my fingers & praying for you. Sorry to hear about the migraines. Headaches are so horrible when you are pregnant. Hopefully, the rest will make things go smoothly from here on out.

Annie said...

FFG - Thanks for the good thoughts! I'm doing better!

Anonymous said...

FeeNo probably thinks that impression is way better than the ones of Shatner the kid will have to suffer thru the rest of his life ;)