Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On Being the Worst Mother in the World

Today, I had an appointment with the doc. I am doing well: no weight gain, even though I am already in my second trimester, my blood pressure is great, and my blood sugars are excellent. The doc was pleased and at this point, asked me to rest as often as possible and continue taking care of myself as I have been.

FeeNo is also looking pretty good: another strong heartbeat and progressing as should be expected.

The child is already showing signs of being difficult - first, FeeNo didn't want to move. He didn't want to face us. He was laying there, all curled up, with his legs in the air (yes, we got to see the legs, but they were crossed - we either have a very demure girl or an extremely shy boy in there).

When FeeNo finally started moving, he kept turning his back on us, never allowing for a good picture.

I hope this difficult stage only lasts while in utero, because I am sure that FeeNo is going to be facing all kinds of paparazzi upon arrival. Not only does FeeNo have grandparents that are going to be all over him, he also has aunts, uncles, and countless friends who are going to be snapping picture after picture. This kid better get used to the attention.

I finally scanned and posted all pictures of my ultrasounds. Unfortunately, I can't figure any of them out. I can't see a single image (except for the third picture), so I have to go based on what the ultrasound tech and Mike say.

March 13 - first pic. At this point, FeeNo is just a blob.

April 10 - second pic. Today, we heard the heartbeat, nice and strong. The kid wouldn't hold still for the picture. He kept twisting and turning.

April 25 - third pic. This is a picture of FeeNo's face. You can make out where his eyes, nose and mouth are (on the right hand side). It's definitely a face only a mother could love - and it totally freaks me out!

April 25 - third pic. According to the tech and Mike, this is FeeNo's profile. I can't see a darn thing. I am told he is facing toward the upper left of the pic and that you can see the profile of his face. Tell me, people, can you see that?

And, please, tell me: am I the worst mother in the world for not knowing what I am looking at in the picture?


Freckle Face Girl said...

So EXCITING! I can see it, but don't think that it is easy. Your next ones will be much better, even if FeeNo is being stubborn. :)

Courtney Lynn said...

Hooray! Believe it or not, I actually think these are more visible online than in person....
That said, I'm with you - I have NO idea where FeeNo is.
I'm totally "that girl" who fakes it and is like "Oh my God how amazing - look at its little foot!" when it is the kid's face or something.

You are a GREAT mother already - it is beautiful to see how protective and careful you are. We just don't share the world's vision for abstract art!

acb said...

Uh oh! FeeNo is going to be a handful already! Colic, here you come! LOL. I'm w/FFG, I can read them, but the first few I ever saw in my life, I didn't know. But that was years ago ... I'm older and wiser now. Well, definitely older now. Wiser is debatable.

You should post a preg ticker on here!

Oh, and btw, every time I clicked on one of those pics and then clicked back, that damn Will Ferrell video started again. From the beginning. I want to shoot it.

Lara said...

Right now, FeeNo is so tiny, nothing is easy to see! If you still having trouble once FeeNo is born, then we have something to talk about!

acb said...

and i don't like the title of this post!!!