Monday, April 30, 2007

Pay It Forward

Today, in my rush to get out of the office and to meetings, I lost my cell phone. I realized it a few hours later, when it was too late to retrace my steps. My initial thoughts: Someone is going to pick up the phone and call Canada or Australia! I have everybody's phone numbers saved on that thing! I have to buy a new phone!

I literally felt sick to my stomach.

Then, I got a message on my Palm Pilot:

A very nice young gentleman student stopped by and returned your cell phone! He called me (my number must be in your phone) and he said he found the phone outside and wanted to return it for you and he dropped it off. I didn't get his name (sorry! I realize now you may have wanted to thank him...), but I did say thank you and that it was very nice of him to bring it back!

I couldn't believe it. I went about the day, wondering who this person was who was kind enough to find my office and return the phone.

When I got home tonight, there was a message on the answering machine:

Ummm, hi, this is a random guy who found your phone on the street. Please call me so that I can return it. Thanks.

Then I spoke to Mike. He told me that the young man had called him, since he was the last number on my phone, and inquired who I was and how he could get my phone back to me. Mike told him where my office was and the kid hung up.

Later, Mike called him back to get his name (Drew) and thank him profusely. He said was no big deal.

Maybe it was no big deal to him, but to me, it was a HUGE deal. He went out of his way on large college campus to make sure my phone got to the right place. He made it a point to call various numbers on the phone to find me.

I'm officially paying it forward, starting tomorrow.

Thanks, Drew!

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Wow, rare & wonderful!