Monday, April 16, 2007

Aloha, Don Ho

Mike, posing with Don Ho (who I thought looked like Yoko Ono but with more personality), in Hawaii, July 2005

"Tiny bubbles
in the wine
make me happy
make me feel fine."

Ah, memories of Hawaii. But also, memories of meeting Don Ho while on my honeymoon in July 2005. It was a complete fluke to see him in Oahu, on our last night on the island. We thought it would be silly, something to remember Hawaii by.

The show was typical dinner theater. Terrible food. Two drink minimum. Many old timers. But we were on our honeymoon - nothing could upset us. Well, except that we had to leave the next day.

Don appeared on stage, playing a keyboard, singing old Hawaii songs, making silly jokes, and showing tourists what good old Hawaiian hospitality was like.

At the end of the show, he invited all servicemen, honeymooners, etc to come see him for a free cassette tape of his music. A cassette tape, he joked, because his fans didn't own CD players.

We met him briefly, and he sent us back to the mainland with a tape for us and another for the mother-in-law, who he was sure would love it. As cheesey and hokey as it was, we had a good time.

Rest in peace, Don. I hope you are enjoying those tiny bubbles in the big wine bottle in the sky.

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Lara said...

I did not even know Don Ho passed away!

Gary said...

There used to be people who would make fun of Don Ho. I guess they thought he was too bland or corny or something. But I used to watch him when he had a regular Tv show many years ago, and I really liked him.

Freckle Face Girl said...

I didn't know he passed away either. Oh & you are right about him looking like Yoko Ono. I never noticed before.

Annie said...

Lara - Yeah, he passed away. Most people thought he was already dead. Such a shame.

Gary - He was a pretty cool dude. The last time I was in Hawaii, we went to his restaurant. Not bad either.

FFG - Oh yeah, it's scary how much they look alike.