Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dontcha Wish Your Girlfriend Was a Freak Like Me?

I will shamefully admit that I spent the last two nights watching the season premiere of American Idol. Even last night, when I got home at 7:55 pm, I excitedly skipped to the tv, turned it on to the show and while assembling storage boxes from IKEA, watched another two hours of this torture.

Open questions to fans, participants and judges of AI:

  • What is the thrill of watching these awful sounding people?

  • Don't the people that audition know they aren't good? At all?

  • Why is Paula Abdul drunk out of her mind all the time? Or is she drugged? Which is it?

I will say, however, that on the first night, I almost peed my pants watching a young girl (she was wearing blue jeans, a white button shirt and a tie) botch up Kiss by Prince. She had this great shimy shake going on and definitely had the song in her head. It just didn't translate well when she sang it aloud. And when they told her she wasn't going to make it through to the next round, she was gracious and didn't give the judges any lip or curse at them.

To her, I say, there's always next year.


Gary said...

I think next year YOU should try out. Then you could hear them all in person. :)

Freckle Face Girl said...

Yes, Paula will probably be in rehab by the end of the season.

Tina said...

We have a debate in my house if the judges are really cruel or if the contestants ask for it coming on the show and obviously not having the talent. I am stuck in the middle. I kind of think they ask for it since this show has been on for so many seasons but then again I think that there are clueless people out there that actually think they sound good. Thoughts?

Annie said...

Gary - If I tried out, ratings would be the highest ever. I can't save to save my life, which I guess would make me the most entertaining contestant on the show. :)

FFG - I heard this morning on the radio that Paula was upset with Ryan Seacrest for not defending her when people say she is a drunk/druggie. She stopped being 'forever my girl' a long time ago.

Tina - I think both sides of the argument are right. Sometimes, the judges can be terribly harsh, but the people who audition are also ridiculous. Don't they have someone at home that can tell them they are awful? Why go on v and make a fool of yourself?

Rhea said...

Paula Abdul clearly has a drinking problem. Creepy.

acb said...

Girl, the producers PUT the bad people on during these shows because it is DAMN GOOD TELEVISION! I need to DVR it, since I never know when anything is on anymore.