Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Makes Me Sick

This is the kind of stuff that makes my blood boil.

Not only do we live in a country full of terrorists plotting against us, we also have to live with a bunch of Commies.



Shannon said...

They're in the minority AND they're loony.

Amy said...

I'm all for Freedom of Speech, but these people are total wackadoodles.

acb said...

From the site: "The actual Dear [a-hole] piece was originally created last year when we did the first Cuba-Caribe festival and I did it as a tribute to [a-hole ass-tro] because Cuba and ass-tro were being so heavily attacked by [Secretary of State] Condoleeza Rice and the Bush administration."

This quote is where American Patriotism is royally effed up. Just because you aren't fond of the current administration, don't freakin think you're being patriotic by loving the enemy. My words fail me as I gape at this blatant attempt at thinly veiled dissent.