Tuesday, August 08, 2006

100% Moved In, 80% Unpacked

I'm connected again!

Yesterday, we had a visit from the cable guy, who spent nearly two hours running cables through my house. Apparently, the woman who owned the house before us didn't have cable. Anyway... we have cable! And internet access! Thank God for technology. Oh sweet technology - I missed you!

Another success - three days of moving, unpacking, and heat - and I didn't cheat on my diet. Not one day.

Thank you's:

To my husband - for working like a fiend to make sure all our stuff was packed before Saturday morning. And for kissing me while I was all sweaty and smelly from moving.

To my ma-in-law, sis-in-law, and aunt - who showed up over the course of the last few days to help unpack and put things in their proper place. Oh yes, and for bringing healthy food for us to eat.

To the mailman - for finally delivering our mail, including my Next netflix choices.

To my movers - who made it look easy to carry thousands of pounds of furniture, clothing, and memories. They carried my triple dresser on its side up two flights of stairs! They stacked four boxes on top of eachother and carried them on their backs! Incredible!

To the woman who owned the house before us - for choosing us as purchasers of the home and not allowing us to get into a bidding war with another buyer. We love the house. It's gorgeous and perfect for us.

I can't remember anyone else. So if I forgot you, don't be offended. Hell - no one reads this anyway, so it's not like you'll know.


Freckle Face Girl said...

Time to relax now?

Anonymous said...

Surprise! Surprise!
People do read your blog!
Figure you should be ready to entertain in a matter of days!!!

Amy said...

Congratulations on your new home!

Annie said...

Freckle Face Girl - Nah, I never relax. I was born tense. :)

Jacky - No entertaining yet. The bar's not up yet!

Amy - Thank you!

acb said...

And thank you to dear acb for being so awesome. Even though you are a thousand miles away, i still felt your aura and general awesome-ness as well as good vibes and wishes as I moved on Saturday, August 5th. Amen.