Monday, July 17, 2006

It's the Heat

Conversation with my husband earlier today -

Hubby: I threw out my Taz shirt today.

Me: Which one? The one with long sleeves?

Hubby: No, the t-shirt. The Taz was fading away.

Me: Why would you do a thing like that? You love Taz!

Hubby: Because you always tell me that I don't throw anything away and that I have more clothing than you do.

Me: I do?

Hubby: Yes. Everyday, Anna, everyday.

Me: Really?

Hubby: *sigh*

Let's blame my forgettfulness on the 100 degree weather.

Or better yet, on the fact that I'm losing it since I did not allow myself to eat that funnel cake on the boardwalk last weekend.


Anonymous said...

ACK! I cannot believe he threw that shirt away!!! Wow... lol, throwing that away is like throwing away his life-size cutout of Elle MacPherson... sigh.


Anonymous said...

My God, what have you done to that man!!!!!!!!!!!! Throwing away his Taz shirt - is nothing sacred anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! Jacky

Annie said...

Kristy - He didn't throw about *that* one (the green one). He threw out a grey t-shirt that was fading, fading, fading...

And for the record, that life-size cutout of Elle *had* to go. It was either her or me. The best part of the Elle removal was when he put her under his arm and carried her out of his apartment and into the dumpster. Muah-ha-ha-ha!

Jacky - I haven't done anything. He just realizes he's a packrat and there's not enough room for the two of us, our furniture, and Star Trek paperbacks. It's just the way it goes.