Saturday, September 11, 2010

Highlights from Hawaii

I was fortunate to have a husband sent away to Hawaii for work a few weeks ago. *Then*, he called and asked me to meet him there (no way!). Luckily, my MIL was gracious enough to watch Patrick for a few days, while air miles were cashed in and I took a short vacation to paradise.

It was only a few days, and we didn't do much of anything, except well... sunbathe, swim, eat like locals, and people watch.

So thankful everyday for the pleasures of life God had afforded me.

Over 200 pictures, but these are my favorites.


The Duke

Sheraton Hotel on Waikiki Beach


Palm trees and blue skies

Mikey and I

We took a sunset cruise and I snagged this great shot of Diamond Head

Hawaiian Airlines

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Goldilocks said...

What GREAT pics!! I'm SUPER jealous!!