Monday, February 02, 2009

Baby Jail Casualty

This afternoon, when I picked up Patrick at baby jail, his teacher told me that he had a mark on his left arm.  It was near his elbow and they had noticed it when they rolled up his sleeves to wash his hands.  I asked what kind of mark and the teacher said it was a bite mark.  I was surprised, since most of the kiddies in his class are, well, let's face it, missing most of their teeth.

So we took a look at it.  And, whoa!  A bite mark.  From someone with a full set of teeth. 

We went through all the questions - it was washed, the skin didn't break through, they put antiseptic on it, etc.  And apparently, Patrick didn't cry or anything when it happened.

(I honestly think that he was bit and to defend himself, he probably shoved the little girl who did it.  And yes, I am sure it was a little girl, because 1) there is only one kid with a full set of teeth in his class and it's A GIRL and 2) girls are evil that way.)

Once home, he was in great spirits.  Ate a bowl of carrot and chicken ravioli, brushed teeth, changed clothes, got cleaned up a bit and off to dreamland he went.

But here is a shot of the mark:

 IMG_5838 IMG_5843

And here is a shot of the happy, bitten child:


(He kinda looks like the ghost in Ghostbusters that is eating all the hotdogs and buns...)

I'm just thrilled he's happy, despite the mark.  I couldn't take another day like the one we had yesterday.


Michael's Mommy said...

OMG! WTH!?!??! Did you do/say anything to anyone??? Glad he is not bothered by it, though. Still as cute as ever :)

acb said...

Awwww so cute! He looks just like you. Don't you hate that the day care won't tell you who the culprit is? Grr. But yeah, just another casualty of baby jail.

OccasionalConfusion said...

Lol at the baby jail that's a clear shot of the nasty bite...pobrecito :-(