Sunday, October 12, 2008

Secrets can be fun...

For the last few months, along with my godmother, I have been planning a surprise birthday party for my mom.  Although she turned 70 (wowsers!) last month, she hadn't planned a trip to see us until this month (for Patrick's birthday).  We told her we wouldn't be having a big party for Patrick's first next week, just a family and close friends things (which is true)...

Anyway... I digress.  Today, we had a party for her.  A surprise.  With 25 of her closest friends from over the years.  She had no idea.  Neither did my father (we kept it from him because as Mike says, "Loose lips sink ships").  She was extremely surprised.

Here are some shots:

Mami Bday 2008 001 Mami Bday 2008 029

Mami Bday 2008 023 Mami Bday 2008 014

Mami Bday 2008 010 Mami Bday 2008 033

Mami Bday 2008 018 Mami Bday 2008 037

Happy birthday, Mami.  Glad you had a great day!


Anonymous said...

It certainly a surprise!
Your mother seemed to truly enjoy herself and probably loves you even more (as if that is possible) that you did this for her.
I had a great time!

acb said...

omg, your kid is SO cute! he looks especially adorable in that last pic w/mike and his grandma!

Freckle Face Girl said...

I bet she had so much fun!