Monday, October 20, 2008

12 Months - One Year: Where did the time go?

Dear Patrick,

Yesterday, you turned a year old. I can't believe it. Where did the time go?

Patrick, you have brought your father and I so much joy this past year. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. Everyday, you make us laugh with your crazy antics. You show us the simplicity in life and we love to see the way the world looks in your eyes.

This month, you reached so many new milestones. You got a second tooth (lower bottom), starting crawling very quickly, and even starting standing on your own without holding on. Of course, once you realize you might fall, you are quick to sit down or grab onto the couch or whatever is closest to you.

A few months ago, you wouldn't eat. And now, you can't eat enough. You love Cheerios, shoving them in your mouth as if you have been starved. You also love chicken, picadillo, steak, mashed potatoes, pears, apples, bananas. I can't get over it! I love to watch you eat, chewing with your gums (since you only have two teeth!) and then opening your mouth wide to shove more in your mouth.

You have started to call out to your dad and I as well. When your father leaves for work, and the door closes behind him, you look up at me and say: "Dada?" And one night, we left you with Abuela and Abuela and as soon as we left, you called out: "Mama!"

You are now clapping on demand and giving people five. We say, "Patrick, give me five" and you start to give many fives. When we go to restaurants, you love sitting up at the table and stare at the server, waiting to be acknowledged. You are very friendly and almost always give people a great big smile. This month, we took you to Abuela's surprise birthday party and you loved being around all the guests, never complaining as you were passed around. Your favorite part of the day, of course, was eating everything that was fed to you.

I am dropping you off at day care two days a week and you love it. You have friends there and when you arrive, your face lights up when you see them, as well as your teachers. You are attending story time and the library and are captivated by the rhymes and songs you hear there.

This month, you got sick for the first time. A few days before your birthday, you caught a stomach virus, which took a lot of energy from you. I was so sad to see you weak and unlike your normal self. You managed to perk up for your small birthday party and even managed to eat some of your first birthday cake (which you thoroughly enjoyed!).

Many family and friends remembered you as you celebrated you first year and you received well wishes from Spain, Maryland, and Florida. Your Abuelos came to see you from Florida and you spent two weeks charming them with your smiles, crawling, and even climbing the stairs!

Patrick, I am so lucky to be your mom. Thank you for a wonderful year with you - I can't remember what it was life before you came into my life.



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Freckle Face Girl said...

Happy Birthday Patrick! Look at all that hair! It seems like you were pregnant only yesterday.

Aunt Jacky said...

Patrick certainly is loved by everyone in our family!!!!
He has many more milestones ahead of him that will take your breath away and you will totally be in awe!
Aunt Jacky

OccasionalConfusion said...

Happy Bday!!! He's such a cute baby :-)

Michael's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Patrick! I laughed out loud while watching that video :) Very cute!

Tanya Scott said...

You have him strapped in too tight! He's trying to face plant in to the cake and the 5-point harness has him all restricted. Give him free! He won't figure out how to climb out of the chair for a few more months.