Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bad Day

Today wasn't as good a day as others - I have a cold, Mike has a respiratory infection (aka a bad cold), and Patrick is cutting teeth and he is a total bear.  The motherboard on my laptop died out of the blue.  Plus it's colder than it usually is this time of year.

For the first time in many weeks (months, even!), I started to feel sad again.  I've mentioned before that the seasons really do a number on my mood and this Fall it's no different.  This coming weekend, we change our clocks again and it'll be dark by 4 pm.  I hate that.

All in all, there was something that made me smile today:


Here is Patrick, trying out his new birthday toy from Grandma.  His feet don't reach the floor yet, so he expects us to push his around.  What else is new?


Marta said...

This picture is so awesome because it gives you a glimpse into what his big-boy face will look like.

Que bello!

acb said...

hope you're feeling better.