Friday, February 22, 2008

Month Four

Dear Patrick,

How is it that days turn into weeks and then, a month has gone by? It seems like just yesterday you turned three months old and now you are suddenly four months. Four months, Patrick! Only a year ago, your dad and I learned that you were coming into this world. It seems like an eternity ago – you are so present in our lives, we aren’t even sure what life was like before you.

This month, you have grown by leaps and bounds. You love your new bedroom and have even started to sleep through the entire night! The first night, your dad and I were so surprised, we could hardly believe you slept nearly 8 hours without making a peep.

Getting ready for a trip to Miami!

We have been spending countless hours together and I think you enjoy spending the days with me. We sing and dance in the kitchen, and you watch me as I prepare lunch and dinner. Sometimes, we watch television, but I usually let your dad sit with you in front of the tv. Every Friday, we walk the mall. You have admirers that wait for you: the woman in the coffee shop, the marketing recruiter in the food court and the Weight Watchers meeting leader. They all wait for you on Fridays – they want to see if you are awake, if you are willing to flash them your gummy smile, if you look handsome dressed in whatever outfit I have chosen for you. Patrick, you love Fridays! By the time we get home, you are exhausted and drift off to sleep in the early evening.

Your eating habits haven’t changed – we can still set our watches by you. One minute, you are all smiles and the next, you are demanding your bottle. Demanding.

You have started to drool quite a bit, so we are sure that teething is on the horizon. IN an effort to soothe yourself, you have started to suck on your fingers. We have tried to give you teethers, but you won’t have it. So, it’s your fingers that make you feel better.

Physically, you are strong. Your neck and back muscles have really advanced this month and you are trying to sit up on your own. We bought you a seat that helps build your abdominal muscles, and at first, you were skeptical of it, but in time, you started to like it. Still no rolling over, but you are trying!

At home, hanging out with Mommy in the kitchen

You love your bathtime. Your dad washes you hair while I wash your body. And when we rinse you, you are delighted.

You still don’t have much hair, but the bit you have is a great mixture of colors: blond, brown, and even a little red. You are definitely a mixture of your dad and I, and every time I look at you, I am amazed that we created you.

Until next month,


Anonymous said...

Sweet letter (I really look forward to reading them).
Patrick looks like he doesn't know what to make of the snow (maybe looks like vanilla ice cream to him, and Daddy didn't seem to like the snow!
The pictures are great - Love the one of him inside!!
Aunt Jacky

acb said...

awww, i love the one of him in his little gap outfit. LOVE IT!