Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Thanksgiving came and went. Thankfully, without a hitch. Patrick spent his first night at his grandma's house and behaved like the good little boy he is (yeah, right!).

Yesterday, Mike and I ventured out to Target (one of my favorite places in the whole world - next to Disney World, of course) to buy a few things. We thought we might go late at night but instead opted to go around 4 pm. It wasn't even crowded! Next year, I am totally going shopping on Black Friday. I'll even take Patrick with me. Yeah, right.

Last night, we took pictures for our Christmas card. Loads of fun, folks, and I can't wait until people start receiving them. Having a baby is like having a doll sometimes. Seriously. :)

Today we plan to put up our Christmas tree as we attempt to watch the Florida-Florida State game. I feel awful that I haven't cheered on my favorite college team this season. I am going to try to make it up to the Gators today, though.

Now, as I figure out which channel the game will be broadcast from, enjoy this outtake from our Christmas photo shoot:

Questions: how do baby keep that extra bit of milk on their tongues? Don't they know to swallow it? And how, with FOUR people watching him, do we fail to realize that the boy has a booger in his nose? How?

Oh, and... Go Gators!!


Freckle Face Girl said...

That was an easy game for you to cheer about. :) Cute lil Santa!

Courtney Lynn said...

You are already up on our fridge - first of the season, but I expected nothing less! Hugs.

occasionalconfusion said...

Aww what a precious baby...Congratulations

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