Friday, October 19, 2007

Anna and Mike had their baby!

A short story by acb, Guest Contributer.

Sooooo -

Anna and Mike had their baby!!!

And it's a ...

Wait for it ...

Wait for it ...

A BOY!!!!!!!!!

Patrick William
8:06 a.m., today, 10/19/07
6lbs, 8.2 oz,
19.5 inches long

Anna is doing well - she is in recovery from the c-section. Baby Patrick has a good amount of strawberry blond hair (like his daddy!), and is doing well also. Mike - well, he's over the moon, as expected. :)

Congrats, Anna and Mike!


Marta said...

A boy!! Felicidades!!! What wonderful news!=D
Welcome to the world, Patrick!

Freckle Face Girl said...

Thanks for the news! That is so exciting!

Jessi said...