Wednesday, October 17, 2007

38 Weeks

Just got back from the doctor. Won't have the official results of the amnio until tomorrow, but the doctor seemed to think the fluid looked 'perfect.'

Thanks for all the well wishes, thoughts and prayers, and phone calls today.

I'm going to be a mom in less than 48 hours!


Jessi said...

Squee!! So exciting! (Of course you know this already, but when I saw it say "0 people love me," I couldn't help but want to change that...even with a meaningless comment, hehe).

Courtney Lynn said...

Anna - you've been a mom for a long time now....but in 48 hours, your maternal instinct and love will have a much more tangible recipient! This has been a beautiful journey to be on with you - like climbing a beautiful but scary mountain - and I'm so excited to see you reach the summit!

Marta said...

I agree with courtney lynn.

Remember that "mother" is first a verb. You're already doing the work of mothering that sweet little FeeNo. You get the PAYOFF for all your patience in just a few hours when you get to hold that dear little bundle.

Have a Nice Baby! =D

Freckle Face Girl said...


Sofi said...

Are you a Mom yet?