Sunday, May 13, 2007


Today is mother's day. And while I spent the day with great family and a wonderful collection of great mothers, I didn't spend it with mine, who is basking in South Florida in her retirement glory.

I spoke to my mom early this morning - she was on her way to brunch with her girlfriends. I also spoke to her this evening, where she recounted her day.

She sounded very happy. So I'm happy.

This year, Mother's Day has taken a new meaning to me. I guess it's because in a few months, I'll be a mom too. And if I want to be anything like my mom, I have a tough job ahead of me.

For 32 years, I have had the best mother I could have ever asked for. She is my greatest inspiration in life and I hope I can be the same example to FeeNo as she has been to me.

And next year, I hope our Mother's Day will be spent together - three generations of us.

To my mami: thanks for loving me unconditionally and for everything you have ever done for me. If I am half the mother you have been to me, I'll know I'm doing a good job. Feliz dia de las madres - I'll see you very soon.

*Update: I just notices that my mom LOVES prints. She doesn't wear anything solid! Oh yeah - and she loves posing while sitting on benches. That's my mom.


Anonymous said...


As usual - your pleasure of people, rather than things, is evident in all you do and say!
I enjoyed spending the day with you and enjoyed your company!

acb said...

This was such a sweet post!

Freckle Face Girl said...

That is a great tribute to your mom!

Annie said...

All - thanks! I am definitely in a cheesey mood.

Lara said...

Ani, Your comments on Mother's Day brought tears to my eyes. I too pray that I am half the mother my mom was to me. We are truly blessed to have them.

Love you,