Tuesday, January 31, 2006


There's nothing worse than having made up your mind about something and then having someone you respect and admire make you rethink your decision. I am having the trouble of having made up my mind about something and now, thinking and rethinking that choice. All the way home from work, I kept reminding myself that I made the right choice, yet when I have to argue it, I get all choked up and emotional. There must be something that can be said about feeling like you have to please everyone all the time, when it's really yourself that you have to please, no? I mean, afterall, I'm the one that has to live with my decisions 24 hours a day, not anyone else. I just hate being a grown up sometimes; that must be it.

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Anonymous said...

I think you will make the right decision! Try not to let sentiment cloud your judgement. The new opportunties headed your way certainly outweigh the stress and tug of loyalty towards old. Jacky