Monday, August 11, 2008

As I Sit Here With My Mouth Open in Surprise - Now Updated

I love email - I think it's a great invention. It's quick, you can make it as short or as long as you'd like and it's instant.

What I don't like is that you can necessary express your tone or sarcasm without the use of capital letters or italitics or any combination of things.

I have a bunch of friends who have just had babies or are expecting babies in the next few months. Naturally, I have been receiving invites to baby showers, so much that they are becoming every weekend occurances. Today, I received yet another evite for a shower.

Unsure whether or not it was a family thing or a women-only thing, I emailed the party organizer. After formalities and such, I asked?

Are families invited to the shower? Or is this a women-only affair?

The response came quickly:

Thank you for your inquiry. We are inviting spouses, but are not prepared to include children.

That was it. A response like I had emailed Amazon about my order. Not signed or anything.

And since it was an email, I'm not sure how I should take it. Should I be upset? Or understanding that it was email between two people who don't even know eachother? Do I figure it's a space thing? Or maybe they don't have the means to provide food for children? Should we attend anyway (provided that we find someone to watch the baby)? Should I go solo and leave Mike home with Patrick? Or should we sit this one out entirely?

What do you think?

*So, I got an email back, apologizing, since the gal didn't realize that I had a little baby. I guess even she realized how emails could be misunderstood. Still, I don't know what to do. I could let it go, or I can dwell, dwell, dwell. Which I might. Cause sometimes, I like to be petty and hold grudges (insert Dr. Evil laught here).


Freckle Face Girl said...

I know what you mean about e-mails being difficult to convey the feeling behind it. Almost every time I read an e-mail from my boss, I have to remember that. If not I think he is being sharp, but he NEVER is.

I am sure she was probably just busy or worried about someone showing up with 5 brats. I think you should make the decision about whether or not to go based on ther person it is for, not the party planner.

Anonymous said...

I think you should let Aunt Jacky come over and stay with Patrick, while you and Mike go to the shower!!!!!!!!

occasionalconfusion said...

Yeah sometimes I try not to take it personal either. I try to keep in mind that some people don't care how it sounds but just wanna get the message through.
Well, its good to know that i'm not the only one with email "issues" LOL

acb said...

Yo! Finally getting a chance to comment. That's what sucks about e-mail sometimes - while it's great to get a message across almost instantaneously, what you think is a decent note can be misconstrued by someone on the other end. Boo to email! (But I do love it so.)

Have you decided what to do? I'd go. Either w/Miguelito or w/out. And you can't fault the mom-to-be for wanting no kids there. I know a lot of women (especially women who are having the shower for the FIRST kid) who for one reason or other don't want kids there - 1) she could feel the shower is her last chance to have an adult-only party, 2) she may not get along with other peoples' kids, or 3) may just be uncomfortable with kids until she has her own and knows how it works a little bit.

Regardless, some people also have strong feelings about having a shower for a second (or third) baby, but I say, celebrate life any way you can while you have the chance!

Anywho. HOpe you're well.