Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Month Two

Dear Patrick,

Today, you turn two months old. I don’t know where the month went – it seems to have flown right by us. But this second month was, indeed, a very busy one for you.

We started out by celebrating your first Thanksgiving. We traveled to your grandma’s house and there, your Aunt Jacky, Uncle Chris, Aunt Lisa, and Cousins Michael and Tommy joined us to celebrate, watch football, and eat! You behaved very well, not once becoming jealous that all you could have was your bottle. And like me, you slept through most of the football on during the day, although I am sure your dad will change that as soon as he can.

We took your to New York City to visit with your Cousin Kristy and her husband, John. You loved it! Throughout that frezing day, we strolled you through snow, rain, and wind. But you didn’t complain once: it was another adventure for you. That day, we visited Little Italy and Chinatown, where Cousin Kristy and I bought knock off handbags from “the back room”, and Union Square.

We also took you to Cozy Soup and Burger, where according to your dad, “they serve hamburgers the size of your head!” You also rode the bus that day, as well as the ferry from New Jersey to New York. It was definitely a day of “firsts” for you.
You were also baptized this month. Again, you slept through most of it, even when the priest poured water over your head and blessed you. It was a wonderful event; so many family and friends came to see you and celebrate your life. You met your Godmom Lisa and Godfather Brendan for the first time. They love you very much and will help guide you through your life and help you make good decisions.

You are very aware of your home and are familiar with the different rooms. You definitely love the kitchen. And you love spending time in our room – that is, mommy and daddy’s room. You have learned that your crib is the place where you sleep and the living room is where you play.

You began sleeping in your crib about three weeks ago and have adjusted well to it. Every night, your daddy and I get you ready for bed, put you in your crib, and on your own, you drift off to sleep. You are still waking up once or twice during the night because you are hungry. You have started to gain control of your head (thanks to tummy time!) and keep your eyes focused on things that entertain you: the light fixtures, the windows, and your mobile.
We have been working to get you on some kind of schedule, so that when your Abuelo and Abuela go back to Miami, the transition will be a little easier. Some days, it works. Other days, you have an idea of how you want the day to work. Even so little, you are determined to have things your way. I love that you have your own personality and that you demand attention. This son, will get you far in life and I hope that you continue to ask for what you want. However, we’ll have to work on the “I want it *right* now and I won’t take no for an answer” demand. You will have to learn patience, but I am certain you will.

You are a very good boy and often times, I find myself staring at you for hours. I can’t believe that you are mine, that you daddy and I created you, and that one day, those small little hands and feet that I wash everyday are going to get bigger – probably bigger than my own.

You are amazing.


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Freckle Face Girl said...

2 months? It just goes by too quickly.