Wednesday, February 01, 2012

More Patrickisms

Patrick is in a golden age in that his communication skills are at maximum levels.  He spends the entire day talking - about his toys, his friends, foods he enjoys, playing, movies, heaven, etc.  He can express himself well and has complex ideas and thoughts.

On Mike giving him some toys that used to belong to him when he was a child:
Daddy gave me these astronauts.  They were his when he was little.  When I'm a man, I'm going to give them to my son.

On helping me make homemade, oven baked chicken nuggets:
Will the nuggets look like dinosaurs?  How about Cars?  I want my nuggets to look like something, not just chicken nuggets, Mommy.

On who goes to Disney World:
Who's going with us?  (When I run out of family members, I start naming Mickey, Minnie, etc).  I wasn't talking about the characters Mommy, I want to know what people are going to go. (Insert eye roll here)

On eating apple seeds:
If I eat the seeds, a tree will grow out of MY BODY!

On kindergarten:
When I turn five, I will go to kindergarten.  When I am four, I only go to check it out.

On me feeding his stuffed animal, Poochie:
Poochie is a stuffed animal, Mommy!  He doesn't eat food!  He's just pretending.

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