Monday, May 02, 2011

Patrick-isms of late

Everyday, Patrick's verbal and metnal abilities really surprise Mike and I.  At 3 and a half, he's really learned so many things; he's sensitive and caring and wonders about so many things.

A few nights ago, he was looking at photos of Mike and I;  one in particular caught his eye:  a photo of Mike and I on our wedding day.  "Where am I, Mommy?" Patrick asked.  Before I could reply, he said, "At Nana's house?"

Yesterday, we went to lunch and the waitress asked Patrick what he would like to drink.  "Fresh lemonade," he answered.  Natually, the waitress was tickled, so she pressed - 'Raspberry lemonade"  Strawberry lemonade?"  "Fresh," he answered, "just fresh."

Where does he get these things?

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