Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Patrick-isms

Lately, Patrick has taken to wanting to say hello to his friends.  He considers all the neighborhood children friends, even though they are mostly all older than he is.  Whenever we drive home and he sees kids playing outside, he will say "Mommy I want to say hi to my friends", except it sounds more like "Mommy I wanna say hi to my fwens."  Then he stands on the driveway, watching the kids plays, softly calling out, "hi".

Yesterday, we arrived home after school and because it was a really nice afternoon, kids were scattered all around riding bikes, running around, playing with chalk.

Naturally, Patrick wanted to be a part of it. 

After we explained that he had to eat his dinner first, he seemed okay.  So after dinner, as I was cleaning up our dishes, I heard him call outside from our backyard:

"Guys, wait for me!  I'm coming, I'm just eating my apple!"

He repeated this a few times and then went outside.  There he proceeded to walk around, then settle five feet in front of our driveway, drawing circles with chalk.  Two of the neighborhood girls came to see him and draw.  Then he said, "Tanks for pwaying with me.  Bye!"

It's a slow process, but I think he's figuring things out.

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