Monday, January 03, 2011

The Things He Does (and Says)

Patrick is really enjoying the gifts he received from Santa Claus for Christmas.  He is constantly asking to play with something or for us to open something or even for us to join him in his playing.

Last night, as we were cleaning up the house of most of the holiday decorations and putting away ornaments, we pulled out his new easel and put in a place where he could easily access it.

He certainly did.

This month, I've noticed a big change in Patrick's speech.  He is definitely speaking more, and has figured out a way to get his point across without having a fit.  I know it's normal, especially at his age, to accomplish this, but it's so different from the pointing, waving, and grunting of years' past.

A typical conversation:

"Mommy, can you open this?  Open this, please.  Will you open this for me?"
"Not right now, Patrick."
(Thinks for a second)
"Can you take the paper off?"

"Mommy, why are you cleaning the table?"
"Because it's dirty."
"Why it's dirty?"
"Because we ate dinner on it."
"Why we eat dinner?"
"Because we need food to get big and strong."

I have a feeling the "Why" questions are going to get a bit more elaborate as the year progresses.

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Anonymous said...

That child seems very intent and opinionated about everything - so wonderful! Wish we could know what they are thinking and see the world thru their eyes (knowing what we now know). Hopefully he is thru his "NO" stage and "Why" is much more fun. Aunt Jacky