Friday, December 24, 2010

Making Christmas

We start Christmas preparations relatively early in our house.  I mean, it's not a big deal in that we are a small family here in North Carolina.  Presents are pretty few, but still, we work hard during the month to get cards out to family and friends, take advantage of holiday celebrations in our community and make the most of the holiday season.

Like baking cookies.  

We made baskets for friends and neighbors.  Plus, we got to eat the broken ones!

We headed out to visit new friends.

And tried our luck at making a second, already built, gingerbread house.  Success!

Patrick became acquainted with an old friend.

And got to hang out with the man in red.  This year, he happily stood in line and chatted with the big guy.

I finally took my Christmas dishes out and used them.  Christmas Eve dinner.

Spiral ham, veggies, roasted potatoes and squash.

Homemade chocolate mousse with homemade whipped cream.

Despite a bad cough, he enjoyed the afternoon.

But even more, he enjoyed setting *this* up!

And this!  Carrots and chicken for the reindeer.  :)

Once he went to bed, the elves got busy, setting everything up.

And I mean, everything.

Naturally, the elves must take a break and eat a snack.

Naturally.  :)

Santa Claus and the elves are tired.  And tomorrow will be another full day.  For now, the elves are going to watch "It's a Wonderful Life."  Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!

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Anonymous said...

Happy to see that your christmas was splendid and enjoyable. So much to be thankful for !