Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Celebration

This year, I am thankful for an amazing son, a wonderful husband, and great parents and in-laws.  I am so lucky to have food for my family, clothes on my back, and shelter from the cold.  In these tough economical times, I am truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Our turkey.  Smaller this year, but a smaller crowd to feed.

Table - we're ready to go!

White meat

Stuffing muffins, made with love b my MIL

Dark meat

Sweet potatoes and bacon wrapped green beans

Obligatory mashed potatoes

Abu, Nana, Aba, and Patrick

Mikey is working, so I prepared a plate for him to freeze and heat up when he gets back.

The boy with dessert.  Because we had cupcakes (among other things) he was convinced it was a birthday party.  We had to sing.

Then we had to sing again.

 And yet, again.
After singing to everyone in the family, he finally ate his cupcake.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Certainly looks like everyone was thankful and happy to be together!