Saturday, July 17, 2010

We made it to the coast!

We decided to take a drive out to visit the Carolina coast this morning, and settled at Carolina Beach.  No complaints, everyone loved the ocean, the sand, and even the drive!


IMG_0026Patrick studies a map, just to  make sure we are heading in the right direction.


Then he explains to Nana exactly where we are headed.


A rare snapshot of Patrick and I. IMG_0042 At the beach, he contemplates:  I wonder why I don’t get any checks from Disney.  I certainly advertise their products a lot.IMG_0047

“I just don’t get it.” IMG_0059

I guess I’ll just shovel more sand into this cheap Solo cup my Mama brought along.

IMG_0037“I think I’ll head back into the ocean with my Nana now.”

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