Friday, March 19, 2010

29 Months

Patrick turns 29 months today and coincidentally, Mike and I have known each other for 9 years at this point.  Who knew back then that wed be where we are – I had no idea the day I met him!

Anyhow… the latest obsession at home is this item:


















Last night, Patrick insisted on bringing this to bed with him and has spent this morning lugging it around the house and hugging it.  I don’t know what goes on in that head of his!

It’s not like we don’t have any toys in the house, evidenced here:


And here:

IMG_9281This month we’ve started experiencing more new things; Patrick amazes me daily.  He is very smart and funny.  Last weekend, Cousins Owen and Ellis came to visit and Patrick learned how to taunt a baby.  He would take the pacifier out of his cousin’s mouth then laugh hysterically.  He also likes to grab our feet and “tickle” us.  He is also speaking volumes – up, down, outside, thank you, panda, Buzz, Woody, river, Dora, Manny, Auntie, Uncle, etc, and putting words together - “More please”,  “Nite nite Mama!”.  He loves going out and says hello and goodbye to everyone he passes.  He enjoys playing with his garage and cars, as well as listening to nursery rhymes.  We are often woken in the mornings to hear him singing the ABC song, Apples and Bananas, Baa Baa Black Sheet.  He is helping at home by putting his clothes in the hamper at night and throwing away his dirty diapers.  He has also learned the art of manipulation, turning on the tears in an instant.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny him things when there are tears falling out of his face.  Luckily, Mike and I are tough as nails.  :)

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