Tuesday, February 09, 2010

First Haircut in 2010


Patrick enjoyed his first lollipop.  I had to steal it away to get rid of it before naptime.

IMG_9073 IMG_9074

“Cheeze, Mama!”

Items to note:  Patrick is growing by leaps and bounds.  He is definitely embracing his own personality.  In the last few weeks, he has decided that he doesn’t want to sleep in his bed, but rather, on the floor right  next to it (Mike and I are debating whether or not to put his crib banister back up this weekend).  He no longer wants to play with his bath toys, but wants to play with a cup and wet himself during bathtime.  He is eating again – picadillo and rice, chicken, apples, bananas, yogurt.  His vocabulary is increasing:  happy, pamper, thank you (in English), it’s okay.  He is reciting the alphabet daily and can recognize letters and numbers with no problem. 

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