Saturday, December 06, 2008


I know the holiday season is about giving instead of receiving.  And I have spent the last few months looking for gifts for those close to my heart.  I'm almost finished with the holiday shopping - only a few more gifts to buy.  Everything I have is mostly wrapped, so when the actual holidays arrive, I'll be able to enjoy them.

And because of this, I have started to think about what I want.  I'm not interested in much.  I'm not wanting diamonds or trips.  I just want a pedicure (haven't had one since the summer), a massage (have had one since March 2006!), and maybe some Crocs with the fuzzy stuff inside of them to keep my toes warm. 

Do I ask for much??


Michael's Mommy said...

I bought a onesie that reads "All Mommy wants for Christmas is a Silent Night!!". That is all that I want :)

Annie said...

I have that onesie too! We used it last year in our Christmas card. Coincidentally, I was looking at it today and trying to figure out how Patrick got into it; it looks so small!