Monday, June 23, 2008


Not much time to post tonight, but I uploaded an assortment of pictures from my MIL's camera and thought I would share.

054 022

058 096

Mike and I were also lucky enough to get over to Yankee Stadium this weekend for one of the last games to be played in the stadium. We had a great time, despite the rain delay that left us soaked. I tried to get some shots, but we were way up in the tiers.

005 008

019 013

I've been using Windows Live Writer to post for the last few posts and I really like it, especially when it comes to inserting pictures into posts. I'm slowly learning how to use it, so please bear with me!


Courtney HS said...

Great pics!
It's so funny b/c in the first few I thought "Wow - he's really grown into a combination of both parents"....but then came the pic of Patrick in the Ducky (aka Mike with a paci)!

Freckle Face Girl said...

It is always nice to see pictures. They make a fairly easy post, right?

I have to say that is is really cool that you have had a chance to be in the old Yankee Stadium. :)