Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh, Rats!

Happy new year to all!

Boy do I have news to share!

A few weeks ago, we noticed there were rats in my neighbor's backyard. We mentioned it to them and they were surprised with the news (yeah, right!). However, when mentioning using some kind of bait to get rid of the rats, my neighbor said there was no way he could use it since he had a dog.

Last week, we noticed a rat running across my backyard. Yikes! And since I don't have dogs or any pet that spends time in the yard, my dear ole dad planted bait along the back fence.

After planting the bait, he watched intently to see if the bait had been moved or worse, to see if there were any victims of the bait.

Yesterday, my mom and dad went back to Miami, leaving me to fend with the rat situation. There wasn't a trace of a rat in the yard yesterday.

Today, as I was looking out the kitchen window I saw - A DEAD RAT!!! AHHHHH! YIKES!

I immediately called Mike at work: THERE'S. A. DEAD. RAT. IN. THE. YARD. DO. I. HAVE. TO. GET. RID. OF. IT?

He assured me that we would get rid of it when he got home. He's obviously not home yet and all I have are visions of the dead multiplying into hundreds of them.

I would have taken a picture of it and posted it, but it is so DISGUSTING. I should, however, take a picture and send it to my dad.


(Tomorrow: photos of Patrick and I on our first walk together. It was unseasonably warm here today, so we went out. So did the rats - tee hee hee.).

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Freckle Face Girl said...

Yuck! Good thing he came home & rescued you.